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Learning to AIS

Secondary School

Grade 6 to Grade 9

Contextual Learning is a month long experience where student(s) in grade 6 become more self-aware, grade 7 students aim to understand Bangalore (or India), and when Grade 8 students aims to build communication and compassion skills. Students plan all year long documenting their journey in their physical journal, creating movies, and interviewing community members. Students complete a cross curricular unit that has two options- on campus and off campus. This year, 14 students travelled within South India for 3 weeks and 16 travelled in North India at the same time, while almost 80 others completed this unit of learning in and around Bangalore. Students attend field trips, create documentaries, learning with their hands, build gardens, become more environmentally aware, and help NGOs. Students learn to connect with their community in meaningful ways. All

teachers also participate and lead their activities helping students develop curiosity and awareness of Indian Culture and appreciation for the many walks of life that creates India today. Finally students come back to campus and share their experience. Contextual Learning is about making connections between what they, as students, are learning and how that knowledge will be used, and recognizing that learning is a complex, multifaceted process that goes far beyond drill-oriented, stimulus-and-response methodologies.Social Responsibility is a key facet of Contextual Learning. Community involvement is a great way to learn more about your connections with other people and different groups. It is a way to expand your knowledge of the links that make up society and the ways they are related. Contextual Learning helps complete the AIS mission statement ‘aspires to empower students with skills and knowledge enabling them to become independent and self-sufficient adults who will contribute responsibly in a global community. ’This is not our mission statement. These learning allow the mission statement to move beyond fancy word and become “real.”